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Your insurance family office

Who are we?

OMAC is the entity of our group devoted to serve high net worth individuals. OMAC can insure all private and professional assets, and especially procure protection against personal risks (health …).
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Our jobs

OMAC offers our high net worth clients the opportunity to benefit from the know-how that our group has acquired by insuring key international players, for whom we have designed many products customized to their needs.
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Our philosophy

Our group is constantly exploring ways to offer innovative insurance products in line with regulatory and technical changes. Our philosophy is to constantly meet the specific needs of our clients by seeking to anticipate such needs as best as we can.
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About us

Based in Monaco, OMAC has been created to gather the highest insurance standards of our group to provide effective long-term solutions to fully encompass the needs of high net worth individuals.
OMAC’s specialists are unrivalled in their extensive experience in catering to specific needs and meeting requirements when it comes to insuring rare and high value properties against financial risks, and providing insurance policies for the owners of these properties.
All companies in our group are capable of putting their teams at the disposal of OMAC clients. This is also the case of our global network of insurance and reinsurance companies, experts and specialists.


Our group has ongoing plans to offer innovative and exclusive products. These projects are based both on the potential specific needs of each of our clients – depending on who they are, what they do and where they live – as well as on our constant diligence to anticipate the needs that may arise and the new constraints that may emerge in the future.

Wherever you are in the world,

OMAC got you covered

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Why choose us?


OMAC was conceived and designed by its first clients, as an “Insurance Family Office”. At the origin of this concept, we sought to have an exclusive structure to insure the assets and properties of the managers and owners of our “industrial” policyholders and of our own group.


Later on, by taking that line of reasoning even further, we decided to propose to all high net worth individuals to have all their insurance policies managed by OMAC in Monaco. This is not limited to the residents of the Principality of Monaco, but also concerns residents around the world and their assets and properties wherever they are located.


Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.
We will be happy to answer any enquiry that you would like to send us using the form on the right, or by calling us directly at the number below, if you prefer.


Ermanno Palace

27, boulevard Albert 1er

MC – 98000 Monaco

Tél.  +377 97 77 48 60

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