Our group is the insurances partner of one of the world’s leading players in the field of yachting (trading, charter, management and construction). OMAC manages all boats entrusted to us under this partnership.

Our experience in the maritime sector is not limited to yachts and sailboats that we insure directly or as part of our partnership, but it also extends to ferries, container ships and tankers. We have been covering the risks related to ferries, container ships and tankers for many years now.

Due to the large number of units we currently manage, OMAC can make you benefit from the conditions offered to our group by the leading specialized insurers in this market.

We are able to answer any enquiries you may have regarding your property afloat. We will search for a scalable solution, depending on the intended destinations and passengers and/or goods transported by your ships.

The yacht insurance essentially consists of:

    • Loss or physical damage policy (hull, machinery, equipment, fittings, accessories and decoration, tenders, personal effects …);
    • “Protection & Indemnity” policy providing coverage against all damage caused by an accident, a negligence on the part of the crew, a hidden defect, a defective design or construction, a mechanical breakdown or other … This protection extends to all managers, operators, officers and crew members. It applies mainly – but not in a restrictive way – against any liability incurred by the employer, and against the risk of collision, pollution…;
    • Medical risks policy (Accidents and Sickness) for the crew and passengers. For example, the temporary or permanent disability / death insurance policy for crew members is valid worldwide, whether on board, on shore, or even during holidays. Passengers can also benefit from a medical cover on board and during their excursions ashore;
    • “Builder Risk” insurance policy covers specific risks incurred in the shipyard during the construction of a boat. Liabilities related to the products and the performance and post-delivery guarantees can also be covered.

In the event of a claim, OMAC assists and offers advice to its clients as of the accident declaration. Our dedicated teams – especially the experts – will act as quickly as possible to obtain a fair and speedy settlement of a claim.