Personal insurance

Personal insurance – and more specifically, “Sickness & Accident” insurance policies – must meet needs even more perfectly than properties insurance, regardless of the value of the properties.

This is why OMAC offers solutions in this area for all the risks involved: tailored medical insurance policies, depending on the activity and the country of residence; bancassurance and investments; keyman and kidnap & ransom insurance policies. These are just the most popular products among the extensive range we offer.

For example, our private international Sickness & Accident medical insurance product guarantees permanent and direct access to the best institutions in the world, as well as a 24 hours 7/7 helpdesk that meets the expectations of the most demanding people.

Designed with attention to quality, appraisal and freedom of choice, the [medical] network we have — whether local General Physicians or world-renowned specialists — is simply exceptional.

OMAC offers its customers, their family members, and their partners and employees truly individualized products, perfectly adapted to their real needs:


  • Health and accident insurance for residents of the Principality of Monaco or any other country;
  • Accident and sickness insurance policies offering worldwide protection;
  • Protection in case of death or disability;
  • Investment of life insurance policies savings;
  • Kidnap & Ransom insurance policy and legal and technical assistance.

We have an extensive range of specialized products in the field of health insurance and personal insurance. In collaboration with the best specialists in the industry, and thanks to our privileged relations with leading insurers, we are able to find solutions to most problems that may arise for our clients.