The insurance of real estate properties and their content — be it the main residence, the holiday accommodation or even the business domicile — requires an appraisal to be conducted beforehand, so that the undertaken insurance policies correspond to the risks incurred.

This in-depth study will precisely meet the needs of our clients, while taking into account the local obligations and specificities that apply in most cases.

To this end, OMAC keeps its specialized teams at the disposal of its clients. We travel to the places to be insured, in order to verify with you your needs, as carefully as possible, and to propose a solution that will fully meet your expectations.

We will put a special emphasis on technical arrangements, as well as on the estimation of the fair value of valuable items in your dwelling.

Apart from the usual insurance policies (landlord or tenant civil liability, head of household liability), OMAC can offer you customized options, such as:


  • Compensation for destroyed, damaged or stolen items based on the replacement value or the appraised value;
  • Extension of conditions to decorative items or technical arrangements;
  • Inclusion of protection means (alarms, doors and locks …) in the calculation of premiums and deductibles;
  • All risks (except technical or legal exclusions).

In the event of a claim, we assist our customers to obtain a quick and fair compensation for the incurred damage from leading companies insuring the relevant risk.