We use the know-how acquired over many years during which we insured major international players, after having adapted this service to the specific insurance requirements of high net worth individuals.

OMAC’s sole objective is to cater to all the needs of a high net worth individual in terms of protecting his/her assets, whether his/her properties or his/her person, as well as his/her professional tools.

We offer optimized solutions for insurance of properties, such as a residence, by including in the policy not only the structure, but also all of the content, including art and valuable items.

As experts in the various fields of insurance services that we offer, our clients not only benefit from our experience in these fields, but also from our special conditions, especially for yachts and sailboats, airplanes and helicopters and vintage and collector vehicles.

We are also able to meet the needs related to personal insurance, in particular in relation to national and international “sickness and accident” insurance policies, whatever the needs expressed.

Apart from conventional industrial insurance, for which we always offer original and innovative solutions, we have a range of products to insure our clients against more specific risks, such as, for example, political risks, kidnap & ransom, credit default and performance bonds.

OMAC is at the service of high net worth individuals. It offers them the opportunity to benefit from the know-how that our group has acquired by insuring major international players, for whom we have designed many products customized to their needs.

Our group is constantly exploring ways to offer innovative insurance products in line with regulatory and technical changes. Our philosophy is to constantly meet the specific needs of our clients by seeking to anticipate such needs as best as we can.