Bienvenue sur le site de l’Office Monégasque d’Assurance et de Courtage


We are the third generation of a family group of insurers. Our companies dedicated to all forms of insurance and reinsurance are present in more than 20 countries across 4 continents. Whether in relation to international companies or high net worth individuals, our experience in serving our clients has led us to meet the toughest demands. In a context where it is necessary to think and act outside the box, we were able to fully meet the insurance needs expressed by our clients.

OMAC is the entity of our group that is specifically devoted to serve high net worth individuals. OMAC’s mission is to protect them and all of their assets, whether professional or private.

Our teams of specialists are always attentive to our clients and at their disposal to develop with them the best solution for their situation. We also accompany them and follow-up on their every step throughout the evolution of their personal and professional lives.

The quality and exclusivity of the service due to our clients are guaranteed by a direct relationship between them and their OMAC risk manager. We see each risk as a unique case that deserves to be treated as such by a dedicated associate.

In the event of a claim, our different approach, based on an appraisal of your risks carried out in advance, allows us to have a thorough knowledge of the relevant stakes. Each claim is taken into account by simplifying the necessary steps as much as possible. This represents a real added value compared to the conventional approach of the rest of the market.