OMAC sets up insurance schemes that protect some of the most beautiful and famous vintage and classic collector cars.

We are able to tailor insurance policies for each of our clients, giving them the choice and control of the coverage of their two-, three-, four- or more-wheeled vehicles.

OMAC not only shows due diligence in insuring the vehicles that our clients use on a daily basis; It also show equal diligence in protecting their collector and racing vehicles as well as their professional fleets.

We have direct access to substantial capacities to secure large amounts of cover from leading insurance companies.
OMAC can offer its customers advantageous conditions, with extensive coverage tailored to their needs; this at competitive rates.

Apart from OMAC’s classic insurance policies (legal liability, multi-risk, theft, fire …), we can also arrange more exclusive options such as:


  • Insurance policy for the use of a vehicle for a sports purpose;
  • Automobile fleet insurance for a collection of vehicles;
  • High valuation of insured vehicles with reduced deductibles;
  • Resuming bonuses when changing residence;
  • Compensation based on the replacement value or the appraised value